Call for papers was extended (8 May to 22 October 2017) includes:

– papers

– posters

– workshops (post Congress – 12 and 13 July)

– “Best doctoral student paper award”


Instructions for abstracts (papers, posters and workshops):

- Papers:

Structure – Congress subtheme; paper title; objetives, methods, main results and conclusions; 3 to 5 keywords

Limit of words – 800 to 1.000

Language – English

- Posters and Workshops:

We welcome submission of posters presenting new work, preliminary results and designs, or educational projects.

Workshops are intended to foster interactive discussions focusing on a particular topic within the purview of the ISKO and provide a great opportunity for attendees who share common interests and want to have intensive discussions.

Structure – Title; objectives; brief description

Limit of words – 400 to 500

Language – English

- “Best doctoral student paper award”

The doctoral students must submit their papers to a jury. Instructions will be made available further on.

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